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Medical translations

What distinguishes medical translations?

We perfectly understand the requirements of this industry. When accepting orders, we keep in mind the responsibilities and all possible consequences.

Medical and pharmaceutical companies look for trusted partners, able to deliver reliable and timely translations and comply with the wide spectrum of demands. Often, multiple languages have to be covered in a single translation.

We most frequently translate:

• clinical trials documentation • leaflets and materials for patients
• clinical trials protocols • medical papers
• case study summaries • websites
• patient questionnaires • press notes
• clinical trials summaries • brochures
• pharmaceutical marketing materials • presentations
• monographs (descriptions of drugs and resources) • training materials
• book publications • leaflets and brochures for patients

Who are our medical translators?

Our large translator base, professional project management and modern IT infrastructure enable processing even the most demanding tasks. We can deliver large projects in a short period of time.

Our medical and pharmaceutical translators have been selected due to their verified professional and linguistic experience in the above areas. The availability of different specialists enables us to perform specific projects in niche areas.

Medical translators are both professional medical doctors and linguists. Our translators graduated in medicine or medical sciences, (medical physics, public health, nursing, etc.) and represent many years of experience in translating.

On the client’s request, for a particular project, we may additionally engage consultants - experts on the particular topics, which ensures not only the highest linguistic correctness, but also allows to tailor the project to the expectations of the target readers.

We invite you to contact our consultants who will answer all your questions and help in the most efficient execution of your order!

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