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Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is another way of interpreting used in conferences and meetings.

Simultaneous interpreting is considered the most complex and exhaustive. Interpreters work in pairs, in discreetly positioned cabins, remote from the speaker. Conference speakers do not pay any attention to the translation process, which takes place simultaneously.

In principle, both interpreters listen to the speaker and relate his words at the same time, taking care to understand and relate his points to the audience. It is a complicated process, which demands many years of practice.

It is an incredibly exhaustive process, and for this reason, interpreters take 30 min. turns to cover the meeting efficiently. A relaxing interpreter is not completely passive, he listens to the speech to support his colleague if needed, where it comes to complicated strings of dates, terms, names or titles.

To enable increased concentration, soundproof cabins provide the interpreter with total insulation from the outside world. The interpreter can focus on the most important issues without being disturbed by anything around. The cabins have very sensitive microphones, so the interpreter must adjust his voice and breathing to deliver a nice relation to the audience. Due to the efficient cooperation of the interpreting team with the technical team, sometimes the audience is unaware of the interpreting process. Both the address and subsequent panelling debate run smoothly, as they were conducted in a single language.

If you need an interpreting service for a conference, please contact us giving details of the conference or meeting, and we will find the optimal solution.

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