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Who is a native speaker?

The role of native speakers in the translation industry has been a matter of contention for several years. One school faithful to them includes, among others institutions of the European Union who prefer to entrust translation to a specific language to indigenous speakers of the language. The opponents claim that it is more important to understand the source language at the native level.

As usual, the truth is somewhere in between and depends, among others on the types of translated texts. Nonetheless, one cannot underestimate the contribution of native speakers to maintaining a high level of translation, ensuring that the translation is natural and adapted to the recipient. Native speakers are indeed indispensable in marketing translations, localisation of offers and products for a specific market or literary translations.

For this reason, we have an extensive team of native speakers - we attach great importance to ensure that we offer our customers direct translation for each language pair, without the need to translate into Polish, which inevitably reflects on the quality of the translation.

Is it worth it?

One of the reasons why this solution is not popular in our country is the difference in the cost of remunerating translators between the Polish market and western markets, from where our native speakers often come from. At BTD Services we have systematically created our team, through regular cooperation and on the basis of preferential rates, which allows us to provide western quality at very competitive prices.

We usually translate from Polish, English, German, Russian and French into all European languages and selected Asian languages. Always maintaining the highest quality, at no extra charge. We look forward to doing business with you!

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