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Translations - certified, normal and specialist

Translations can be divided – because of their purpose – into:

  • sworn translations (certified) – are prepared mainly for the use of state institutions
  • normal translations – made for informative purposes
  • specialist translations – concern difficult specialist texts, requiring specialist knowledge and very frequently must be consulted with experts.


The majority of our translations are specialist. To make sure our translations meet the highest quality standards, our team comprises experienced translators who are experts in their areas of expertise, as well as many consultants and proof-readers, such as professionally active lawyers, computer scientists, engineers and linguists.

We specialise in translations which span virtually all disciplines, but we usually deal with the following types of translations:

  • technical texts, e.g. technical documentation of machines and devices, instruction manuals, catalogues of spare parts, presentations, reports, documents concerning construction, cement and lime industry, architecture, power industry, automotive industry and heavy industry, IT texts (more)
  • medical texts, e.g. clinical trial documentation, individual patient’s medical records, material safety data sheets, documentation of medical and laboratory equipment, scientific texts (more)
  • pharmaceutical texts, e.g. medicinal product descriptions, drug specifications, registration certificates, instruction leaflets for patients, drug packaging descriptions, registration documentation for new drugs, patent applications, pharmacy-related legal regulations (more)
  • economic, financial, insurance and banking texts, e.g. annual reports, EU projects and applications, business plans, press releases, general terms and conditions, liquidation procedure documentation, insurance claims, loan applications, internal bank procedures (more)
  • legal, e.g. contracts, letters of intent, pleadings, notarial deeds, court verdicts, warranties, terms of reference (more)
  • commercial and marketing texts, e.g. bills and notes concerning transport of goods, business correspondence, customs regulations, business activity registration, complaints, advertising and marketing texts, business agreements (more)
  • literature (belles-lettres and usable literature), e.g. historical and fantasy novels, scientific books, guides, specialist publications (more).


In order to maintain a high quality of our translations, the procedure is broken up into several stages:

Analysis of the project  → Choice of an appropriate translator → Translation → Verification → [DTP if such need arises] → Control of conformity with client's guidelines  → Closure of the project  → After-sale service

Documents intended for non-certified translation can be sent to our office via e-mail, traditional post or delivered in person.

We have experience in performing many extensive and complicated projects requiring the cooperation of multiple translators; therefore, we guarantee the completion even of the biggest and most urgent projects on time!


One of the primary principles of our company’s development is the belief that no one else other than a native speaker of a given target language can better express the author’s intentions. Some of the agencies subject – for extra charge – the translations to a native speaker’s proofreading. My agency has decided to implement direct standard translation by native speakers of the target language. It is a less expensive solution than additional proofreading and, at the same time, it guarantees the same, high quality. It is not common because of the small number of native speakers translating directly from Polish. We have been creating our team for over 8 years and now we enjoy the fruits of this effort. It guarantees the highest quality for affordable price.


Unlike many other agencies on the Polish market, our team is very international. We have a wide database of translators and interpreters working in foreign language pairs (also sworn translators), which allows us to translate directly e.g. from English or German into all the European languages and Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Arabic. The relay translation through Polish that is so commonly applied in Poland not only artificially inflates the costs, but also entails dramatic quality.

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