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Legal translations

Legal translations are one of the most difficult and responsible tasks of the translation process. Legal terminology is of extraordinary importance. Every word, every phrase, comma or sentence order can change the meaning of the whole translation and decide on multi-million contracts. The so-called "Million Dollar Comma", the 2006 dispute between Rogers Communications, the largest cable television provider in Canada, and Bell Aliant, discussed in Canadian newspapers, is a good example. A single comma sign decided on the withdrawal from a valuable contract. It changed the meaning of ‘sending one year's notice at any time’ into ‘one year's notice sent after the first five years of the contract’. The contract value was one million Canadian Dollars. All that due to the imprecise translation by the French!

A legal text or a lawyer's text?

Legal texts are used in documents written in legal language, or the language of law. These include legal acts and documents resulting from legislation processes: constitution, international contracts, legal acts, state regulations, or local authorities’ regulations. In contrast, layer texts are texts written by lawyers, e.g. journal articles, legal analyses, lawyer textbooks, but also any other documents circulating in the legal process, the most common ones in the translation industry include contracts, powers of attorneys, company founding documents - often in the form of a notarial deed or court documents.

What we translate?

We specialize in translating all kinds of pleadings, legal opinions, contracts, deeds, corporate documents, arbitration documents, judicial decisions, legislation, public procurement documents and many others.

Our offer for legal translations is mainly addressed at legal and notary offices, tax advisory offices, legal departments of companies, public authorities, European Union bodies and companies of many industries requiring the translation of commercial documents.

We guarantee the highest quality both in respect of language style and in respect of professional terminology. Write to us or call us and learn more about our offer!

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