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A trusted translation agency is an indispensable partner and adviser of companies thinking and operating on a global scale. It is the guarantee of an appropriate image of the company in international relations, and quite often success in negotiations.

At BTD Services we perfectly understand it. As a specialist translation agency, we are aware of the importance of the quality of our services. Therefore, our team is not just great linguists, proofreaders or DTP specialists. They are also people with in-depth knowledge of specific disciplines, sometimes practising doctors, IT engineers or biotechnologists.

We care for our image, as well as Yours. With BTD, you are certain that your customer will understand you.

Our advantages

We attach great importance to ensuring that specialised texts are translated translators, who in addition to excellent language skills, also have specialist education such as medical or technical.

We always assign texts in which the simplicity of style and excellent knowledge of the nuances of the target language are as important as the correctness of terminology to indigenous users of the language.

With editable texts you know in advance the cost of a given translation - the price stated in the valuation is the final price, which makes it easier to manage the budget allocated for the project.

Along with translation, we also provide full graphics processing and computer typesetting/preparation of the delivered material for printing (DTP), so that the customer can use it immediately.

In addition to our translation services, we also offer full localisation of texts on a target market. It is a guarantee that the text is not translated word for word, but with the context, intent and exact meaning of the original text. Each culture has a specific way of looking at the world, and our task is to render it accurately.

We have an extensive team of translators from around the world; we almost always translate directly in every language combination (e.g., from German into Dutch), so our translations are characterised by the highest fidelity and quality.

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Our specialisations

Technical translation

To render a good translation of a technical text, you must above all comprehend it. This is where professionals from specific sectors or graduates of technical fields, who form the core of our team come in handy.

Medical translation

As with technical texts, it is one of the most challenging fields of translation. Without knowledge in the field of medicine, the proper translation of medical materials is virtually impossible.

Pharmaceutical translation

Such translations are mainly done for pharmaceutical companies. They require exceptional precision and accuracy, and there is no room for mistakes - any glitches or inaccuracies in the translation may have a fatal effect on health and human life.

Financial translation

Our teams work, among others, on the translation of financial statements, insurance documents and bank documents and procedures. In addition to quality, their priority is also confidentiality and skilful management of large and urgent projects.

Marketing translation

The field of translation that requires us to possess outstanding creativity and knowledge of the target market, hence such translations are handled by a team consisting of copywriters, native speakers and even literary translators.

Legal translation

With a team comprising of persons with legal education, we can safely translate standard and non-standard legal documents such as pleadings, sentences and notarial deeds, as well as various kinds of contracts.

Patent translation

It is one of our major and narrow specialisations, with the highest degree of difficulty. More often than not we translate patents for biotechnological, medical, mechanical and electrotechnical inventions on the orders of Polish patent offices.

Native speakers

At our agency, most of the translations into foreign languages are performed by indigenous speakers of the language, which guarantees the highest quality. Our extensive team of native speakers translate directly from Polish, English, German, Russian and French, among others.

Asian languages

Recently, a large portion of the orders we receive are translations into Asian languages, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean. With a large team of translators from Asia, we can perform these translations at the highest level and for affordable prices.

What can we boast about?

Our Projects

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Translation of bridge construction project

Translation of bridge construction project

Translation of specifications, manuals and designs

Translation of manuals and guarantee cards into 6 languages

Translation of manuals and guarantee cards into 6 languages

Translation of specifications, manuals and designs

Interpreting during a two-day Academy of Cartography and Geoinformatics

Interpreting during a two-day Academy of Cartography and Geoinformatics

Interpreting at conferences and training sessions

DTP projects

DTP projects

Dtp projects

Translation of website

Translation of website

Translation of websites

Translation of website

Translation of website

Translation of websites

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