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Patent translation

Translation of patents is one of our narrow fields of specialisation. Translation of technical documentation - and above all the register of patents, in particular - is a field in which the precision, accuracy and consistency of actions are crucial, yet difficult to achieve.

We provide professional translations by combining language proficiency of our translators with knowledge in a specific field and understanding of patent literature acquired over the years of operation.

Who translates patents?

Our team of patent translators consists only of persons with the relevant specialist education (e.g., biotechnology, medical, chemical, technical), which is extremely important in maintaining the correctness and high-quality translation of such difficult texts as patents.

What domain of patents do you translate most often?

We translate approximately 500 pages of patent applications monthly, primarily in the field of biotechnology, medicine, pharmacy, Chemistry, biochemistry, mechanics and electrical engineering, as well as:

  • construction of machines and equipment for everyday use
  • physics
  • telecommunication and computer science
  • construction
  • materials science

We primarily translate patents from English, German and French, but also others.

The documents we translate that are part of the patent documentation include:

  • patent descriptions
  • disclaimer or patent claims
  • abstracts
  • right of priority
  • technical and legal documentation
  • technical specifications
  • experts’ opinions
  • documentation related to notification for the protection of inventions, utility models, industrial designs and trademarks.

The correctness of translation in the case of patents is perhaps more important than in any other field - the success of the entire procedure and considerable costs depend on it. Therefore, it has to be good. If you share the same opinion, we invite you to join our group of satisfied regular customers - we have earned the trust of “REJMAN” s.c. Patent Office, for which we regularly translate patents in the field of biotechnology, medicine, mechanics and electrical engineering.

We look forward to doing business with you!

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