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We have been operating on the European market since 2009. Although the core of our team is still based on graduates of the prestigious School of Translation, Interpreting and Languages at Adam Mickiewicz University, during the 10 years of our operation, our team has become truly international (translations are ALWAYS made by native speakers of the target language). Despite many differences between individual team members, there are two things connecting us all – passion and experience.

The current offer of BTD services is a result of the skills and experience of all the people who cooperate with each other. In spite of many individual personalities among us, we make up a unique team, which translates into the high quality of ours services.

Our group includes translators who specialise in the most challenging subjects, experienced conference interpreters, proof-readers, consultants, copywriters, graphic designers and programmers.

Our interpreters have supported e.g. government conferences, scientific seminars and trade negotiations of the biggest international corporations. We have been doing it for many years. And we will keep doing it. For your benefit!

You can read more about our team here.


It depends on what you expect… If you think that a translation can be done by everyone who can use Google Translate or has passed extended final exams at English, then we will take no effort to convince you otherwise.

But if you have come to our website because you are looking for a partner to whom you can commission comprehensive translations and DTP services or who will prepare professional publishable materials for you, then you will not leave here empty-handed. You will get what you need, and you will be able to pay more attention to your business.

We’ve had an opportunity to learn our profession by the side of the best translators and interpreters in Poland and while working on the most difficult projects. We believe that a high quality of translations is not a luxury, but a duty of each agency and each translator. We cannot afford to lose your trust, and you cannot afford to lose the trust of your customers.

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