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How is the quality assurance (QA) process implemented at BTD services?

The quality of our services is ensured at various stages, among others during:

  • recruitment of translators
  • assigning teams to projects according to specialisation (including a consultant/specialist from a specific field)
  • translation process (using CAT tools, among others)
  • verification of translation (proofreading)
  • correction by a Native Speaker (optional)

Tools supporting QA

In our work, we also use the latest technological solutions to support our experienced team.

CAT Tools 

CAT Tools (Eng. Computer Assisted Translation), in other words, programmes supporting translation that facilitate the work of translators y dividing the text into segments and saving every operation performed in the memory. The Program allows translators to create and use terminology glossaries, which is especially necessary when translating specialist texts from narrow scientific or technical fields. The Programme also verifies the content in terms of terminology consistency and the compliance of numerical and date data entered by the translation with the source text. At BTD services, we use Trados Studio software.

Do not confuse CAT programmes with machine translation using, for example, Google Translate, where we have no influence on the quality of the translation.

Quality control tools

In addition to CAT tools, we also use Verifika QA software. It is a tool for controlling the translated text for consistency in terminology. The operation of this function is reinforced by attaching to the programme the appropriate "technical" language resource base of the industry from which the translated content is derived. The Program also captures punctuation and stylistic errors.

OCR and DTP programmes

We also use OCR programmes (ABBY FineReader, Solid Converter, Acrobat Pro DC) and text composition software, i.e. DTP (Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Framemaker, PageMaker, Quark)

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