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Financial translations

What fields are covered by financial translations?

Financial translation are a very wide area. In this area, we include translations concerning, among others:

  • banking
  • economics
  • insurances
  • accountancy
  • stock exchange.

The most frequently translated documents include, among others:

• periodic reports • balance sheets • financial report guidelines • public and private donation documents
• annual reports • financial statements • insurance documents • partnership agreements
• professional opinions • compliance documents • joint-venture and takeover documents • credit agreements
• tax declarations • supervisory board meeting reports • financial data presentations • banking procedures

What is most important in financial translations?

Financial translations require confidentiality. Where such documents are not publicly available due to the arbitrary decision or in connection with the legal requirement for a publication, the confidence is absolutely respected. All our translators have signed commitments to maintain the utmost confidentiality. On request, we can also provide a separate document concerning necessary confidentiality.

Proper and uniform terminology is another important aspect. Dictionary terminology is mostly outdated. Financial translations require not only linguistic competence, but also a deep professional knowledge and subject expertise.

Any misinterpretations of numbers or decimal numbers, omissions, mistaking income for spending or minus for plus may result in disastrous consequences – both legal and financial in nature. For that reason, financial texts require exceptionally diligent verification by third parties.

Who are our financial translators?

BTD Services offers a professional translation of financial and legal documents. Our financial translators are mostly economists and/or accountants. They are greatly experienced in the use of professional financial terminology and understand specific guidelines related to formatting, numbering, and financial target language.

Take advantage of our experience – it pays!

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