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Conference interpreting

  • simultaneous interpreting
    Simultaneous interpreting is performed in a sound-proof booth from which the interpreter usually can see the speaker, but does not enter into any interaction with him. The interpreter receives information in the source language through headphones and, at the same time, interprets the message into the target language, thanks to which conference participants can hear the interpretation in their headphones (see more).
  • consecutive interpreting
    In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter begins the interpretation only after the speaker has finished speaking (a speech may be divided into parts). The interpreter usually stands next to the speaker and takes notes while listening to him; then, he decodes the message in the target language as a whole as if he was the speaker. Consecutive interpretation, therefore, consists in selecting the most important information and presenting the essence of the message (see more).


Used in less formal situations. Interpretation for one or two people or a group of people. In this type of interpretation, the interpreter does not use any specialist equipment, he usually sits next to the speaker, and since the utterances are short, there is no need to take notes. Unlike in the case of consecutive interpreting, the speaker utters short messages or single sentences. Liaison is used whenever there is a need for a high level of detail and if it is difficult to make notes or when a speech is accompanied by a presentation.

Accompanying interpretation

An interpreter accompanies a person or a group of people on a trip, during visits, meetings or during various types of talks. Accompanying interpretation is a type of liaison interpretation.


It is a form of simultaneous interpretation, but without the use of specialist equipment. In whispered interpretation, also referred to as chuchotage, the interpreter sits close to a small group of listeners and, in a low voice, simultaneously interprets what the speaker says. Whispered interpretation is frequently applied in situations when a small group of people (preferably up to three) does not speak the language understandable for the majority of meeting participants.

Sight interpretation

The interpreter receives a written text, which he interprets - usually without prior preparation. Such situations occur, for instance, in public offices, at the notary public office or in court.

Certified interpretation (legal/court)

Legal interpretation may be in the form of consecutive interpreting (e.g. witness statements) or simultaneous interpreting for one or more people with the use of electronic equipment (e.g. interpreting the whole legal proceedings).

How does it work?

If you need to order an interpretation service, contact us and we will:

  • advise what type of interpretation will be the most appropriate
  • choose the best interpreter
  • prepare a tailor-made offer

We provide interpretation services throughout Poland, but we usually interpret for clients from Wroclaw, Poznan and the surrounding areas.

We help with professional consultancy at every step of project processing and we constantly supervise the fluent conference course. In case of any doubts, please contact our consultants (at or 0048 605 589 501), who will be glad to answer all of your questions and will advise how to choose the most suitable service.

Who are our interpreters?

We only cooperate with experienced specialists. An interpreter is our representative who is in contact with the customer; that is why we have recruited our team very carefully. After 8 years of operation, we are proud to have a group, which provides interpreting services during many significant meetings, conferences, seminars and training sessions, e.g.:

  • during a two-week training on the operation of gas boilers at the underground gas storage construction site in Wierzchowice - PENSOTTI FCL SpA
  • during trade negotiation interpreting (German - Polish) provided for Brokelmann Budowa Maszyn i Urządzeń Sp. z o.o.
  • during training sessions for physiotherapists
  • during the press conference opening Wrocław Global Forum 2014
  • during a two-day Academy of Cartography and Geoinformatics organised by the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography in Wrocław (whispered interpreting into English)
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