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Technical translations

What are technical translations?

Technical translations make up a special group. Even correct a translation in terms of grammar and syntax does not guarantee the perfect transposition of technical details. This is greatly dependant not only on the quality of source, but also on its compliance with technical requirements and technical jargon of a particular subject matter. Technical translations cover i.e.:

• construction • energy • chemical industry
• architecture • engineering • electronics
• IT • automotive industry • mechanics
• telecommunications • heavy industry • physics

Technical translations are very frequently also localisation, i.e. such adjustment of terminology and content so that the translation would take account of all the aspects of the market on which a given product will be launched. Regardless whether it concerns medicine, the construction industry or telecommunication, technical translations must as best as possible. Thanks to the long-term cooperation with our permanent team, we always assign the most appropriate translator to a given project.

We translate, among others, many:

• operating manuals • production line descriptions • certificates
• technical specifications • standards • designs
• products descriptions • technical drawing • patents
• company presentations • patent documentation • products labels

Who translates technical documents? 

For many years, BTD Services has specialised in delivering professional technical translations for the benefit of companies from different industries. Our team consists of well-qualified technical translators specialising in a given field. They are professionals perfectly aware of the issues they deal with.

The importance of technical translations is huge, as they play a key role e.g. in launching a given product on the international market. Therefore, for such projects, we assign translators who not only are great linguists, but also have vast knowledge in various technical fields, very frequently supported with engineering education and long-term professional experience.

Are technical translations much more expensive than regular ones?

Not if you assign them to specialists. Dealing with that difficult side of translations, for many years, we have been translating technical texts much more frequently than regular materials. Thanks to that, we have worked out solutions allowing us not to charge you with additional, unnecessary costs like, for example, translating repetitive texts. Send us your questions to obtain a free quotation and find out about the quality of our service!

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