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Literature translations

What is covered by literature translations?

We also offer literature translations (poetry and useful literature). We cooperate with translators who translated books written by internationally acclaimed writers. Among others:

  • historical books
  • fantasy novels
  • science books
  • guidebooks
  • brand publications.

The time and cost depend on the volume and level of difficulty. All details are discussed with the customer. The quotation process is confidential and respects copyrights purchased by publishing houses.

Who are our literature translators?

Literature translations mean prestige to the translation agency. The area is very specific. Our offer is targeted at publication houses and newspaper companies.

Our literature translators also include writers who better understand the texts they translate, and are able to catch a particular idea, mood and atmosphere of the source. Not only perfect narration, but also emotions, language melody and individual feelings are being transferred into the translated book.

We also cooperate with brand publications, among others, medical and technical (e.g. we helped in a voluminous publication by UweGroeber, which concerned drugs and micronutrients).

If you are looking for literary or brand translations, you have landed at the right spot. Send your source text for quotation. It is free and it reflects the process, which is going to be employed.

We welcome any cooperation of publishers operating in Polish general and local markets.

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