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Editorial corrections

Due to the scope of work required for the final compilation of the text, the work done by the proofreader may be divided into text editing, language corrections, independent verification and editorial correction.

Text Editing or proofreading?

Editing is the comprehensive development of a text to be printed or published in a different form, both linguistically and substantively. In addition to eliminating spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors from the text, the editor is also tasked with ensuring the communicativeness of the message, in other words, its consistency in terms of style and logical composition and substance. Therefore, it is essential for the editor to have the so-called broad horizon and some knowledge in the field covered by a given publication.

Linguistic correction (native speaker)

It involves the verification of the translation by a native speaker, i.e., someone for whom a given language is the mother tongue. The purpose of this type of correction is to edit the text in such a way that it sounds completely natural and fluent in the target language. The correction involves matching the translation style to the recipients of the text in the target language and verifying grammatical correctness. The proofreader also pays attention to the selection of the right vocabulary while maintaining the maximum fidelity of the translation.

Comparison with the original (independent verification)

It is a service in which the translation is verified with the original by a second translator. We select a proofreader who is a specialist in the field covered by the text. Independent verification aims to correct the text for semantic, substantive and terminological conformity.

Editorial correction (so-called “Brush”)

It is performed after typesetting in the case of translations intended for printing, focused on maintaining the typographical convention of a given language, improving the formatting, hyphenating terms, ensuring the proper display of all characters and elements, as well as completeness of the text. Brush aims to remove errors caused by typesetting of the text.

Correction services are performed by our experienced editors and proofreaders. We look forward to doing business with you!

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