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Pharmaceutical translations

For whom do we provide pharmaceutical translations?

This type of translations is offered in particular to pharmaceutical companies, drug importers and companies offering drug registration services. It covers mainly written translations of drug registration dossier and the so-called Specification of Product Characteristics (SPC), the patient information leaflet (PIL) included in the drug package and the labels on drug wrappings. This type of translations are made according to the EMA terminology guidelines, simply to standardize the terminology according to the pharmaceutical law.

Pharmaceutical translations also include documentation related to the validation of analytical methods in pharmacy (registration certificates, analysis certificates), specifications, results of qualitative and quantitative physical and chemical drug research, and marketing translations (including brochures).

Pharmaceutical Translations are the most difficult - they must be extremely accurate and stand out with a precise selection of appropriate terminology. Due to the vital consequences, any errors are excluded. For that reason, several people work on pharmaceutical translations; they include an interpreter, a consultant and verifier. A deep knowledge of the subject, supported by the most appropriate education and many years of experience, is an absolute requirement for the people involved in this type of translations.

Who are our pharmaceutical translators?

Our translators of pharmaceutical texts are people who have a degree in pharmacy, medicine or a related faculty, as well as those who perfectly mastered any foreign language. Our pharmaceutical translators include medical analysts, biomedical physicists, biologists and physicians.

Proven procedures and experienced teams enable us to provide professional support in the field of pharmaceutical translations at the highest possible quality. Feel free to contact us - send us your texts for quoting to obtain the best solution!

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